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What does it do?

Feedster is a news manager. It gets connected to your news sources: newsletters from Gmail and RSS feeds, and processes all the incoming daily updates with a GPT-based algorithm that is configurable by you.You just add your learning goals and other personal settings (more customization comes along the way) and Feedster will use it to form prompts against any incoming data.The goal of Feedster is to protect your time and attention from unimportant information and get the essence of the one that matters.

For whom it's especially helpful?

Feedster is crafted for busy knowledge workers, whose lack of time sits together with the needeness for fresh and dense information.
Among them 👇🏼
👨🏼💻 Tech leads and engineers who are observing technology trends
in their niche
👨🏼💼 Entrepreneurs and marketers who are observing their
competitors and partners
🧑🏼🔬 Scientists, researchers, and publishers who are observing
new work in their field
📝 News curators and journalists, who want to partially delegate
their job to AI

How does it work?

The Feedster’s algorithm is divided into 4 stages:1. Collecting the news - Feedster is going through all the last updates from the sources pointed out by the user, grabbing fresh updates.2. Filtering - using the user’s Goals, Feedster tests each piece of news against them, and evaluates how useful it would be for a user to read it.3. Summarization - once non-relevant news is filtered out, Feedster summarizes the rest, into a set of bullet points. Beyond just summarizing, Feedster is trying to match the perfect reading time and uses the user’s Goals once again to choose summarization focus, what to leave, and what to drop4. Shipping - once the summarization is done, Feedster ships the daily digest to a user. Right now it is available in the user’s dashboard, but more options, such as email message or Slack bot is on the way

Who's behind the scene?

Hi, I'm Andrey, a software engineer and tech enthusiast who's passionate about improving your digital life through tools and automation.I keep building things in public, so you can find me on: